Paleo for Weight Loss Meal Plan

Paleo for Weight Loss Meal Plan


The Paleo diet is based on what our ancestors, the Paleolithic humans, used to feed on long before any industries came about to change the food we eat. These foods were pure in that they did not contain any synthetic items which made sure that they lived a life free of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others. For his reason, we aim to create a diet plan that contains the best foods from Monday to Sunday. The Paleo for weight loss meal plan has most foods that we can find at the grocery store.



  • Breakfast; have a piece of fruit combined with eggs and vegetables that have been fried in coconut oil. The aim is to eat everything as natural as it is needed.
  • Lunch; you can have chicken salad with olive oil and a handful of nuts. The nuts must be free of any processed substances and additions. Eat them naturally.
  • Dinner; you can have burgers (with no bun) which have been fried in butter and combined with salsa and some vegetables. This diet should focus on having as little oil as possible even if it is natural oil.


  • Breakfast; for breakfast, you can have a piece of fruit combined with eggs and bacon. When you fry the eggs, ensure the oil used is natural such as coconut oil.
  • Lunch; for lunch, consider having the leftover burgers from the previous night. We hope you did not eat them all. Have them in the same butter you fried them with.
  • Dinner; to finish off the second day of your Paleo for weight loss meal plan, have some vegetables with salmon which has been fried in butter. The focus is on using foods which give you a fill without adding bad fat to your body.


  • Breakfast; for breakfast, you can have the leftovers of the meat and vegetables of the previous night. Avoid wasting food since our Paleo ancestors did not do that.
  • Lunch; your lunch can have a sandwich which has a lettuce leaf. You are free to throw in some meat and vegetables that are fresh.
  • Dinner; for your last meal of the day, finish it off with ground beef stir fry, some vegetables and berries as you like. Whatever meat you choose to eat, make sure it was not from an animal fed on steroids. We did not have those in the Paleo era.
  • Breakfast; start the day off with an egg and some fruit to give you the energy you need for the day. Our Paleo ancestors were always strong.
  • Lunch; for lunch, finish off the ground beef stir fry from the night before and add some nuts of your choice. As before, the nuts must be natural.
  • Dinner; finish off Thursday with some fried pork and vegetables. The pork should be fried in natural oil such as coconut or other oil. You can add some food to this diet but be careful with the type of food you add. Remember it is all about natural foods to have the best results that your Paleo for weight loss meal plan can get you.
  • Breakfast; for breakfast, have some vegetables and eggs fried in coconut oil.
  • Lunch; your lunch can be chicken salad combined with olive oil. Also, add in some nuts of choice for that fulfilling feeling.
  • Dinner; end the day with sweet potatoes combined with some steaks and vegetables. The steak must be made with natural oil such as coconut oil for the best results. Other oils were not present in the Paleo period remember.



  • Breakfast; start off the weekend with some eggs and bacon and add some fruit of your liking to keep to the targets of your Paleo for weight loss meal plan.
  • Lunch; for lunch, finish off the steak and vegetables from the previous night. If need be, warm it up with some natural oil.
  • Dinner; for the last meal of the day, have some baked salmon with some vegetables and avocado fruit. Take note of the fact that you need to choose your salmon well since they could have been raised in a pond and fed on unnatural foods.
  • Breakfast; eat the meat or fish and vegetables from the night before to start off the day and keep to your Paleo for weight loss meal plan.
  • Lunch; bring back the sandwich with lettuce leaf for your lunch and add in some fresh vegetables and a meat of your liking. Ensure it is a natural meat from an animal fed on natural grass. When our ancestors went for mammoths, the large fellows fed on grass alone.
  • Dinner; for dinner, have some grilled chicken wings and a good helping of salsa and vegetables. You have finished off your week.


As you light have noticed, we focused on using natural oils which have no chemicals that may harm you. Also, we focused in meats that come from healthy and organic animals. If you want to lose weight, you can combine this diet with some exercise to keep yourself feet. Always recall the fact that our ancestors did not starve themselves to stay healthy. They fed on meat and vegetables and did not have any issues with their health such as the common diseases of today. If you doubted it, you no longer need to since you too can live like your Paleo grandpa.

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