Best Weight Loss Dance Classes

The Best Weight Loss Dance Classes


When you want to find ways to lose weight, explore one fun way with Belly Dancing. There are many weight loss dance classes around. However, none is like belly dancing, and in this article, we will explain to you why.


Factors Influencing your results when considering Weight Loss Dance Classes


Of course, all exercise acts differently on every people. It is not just about how much you exercise; it is also about what you eat. To lose weight, you must combine both exercise and a balanced diet. But that is no secret. Consider these points whenever you are looking for weight loss dance classes:

  • More dancing means more calories burn.
  • Different dancing class’s workout you differently.
  • For dancing, practicing at home is a good idea to continue to work out.


All these factors will influence any weight loss dance classes you chose. Make sure you stay committed and follow balanced diets to get real and lasting results.


Belly Dancing Weight Loss


The secret of weight loss dance classes is the number of calories you are burning, plus the muscles you move. Like in any exercise, you lose weight only when you burn calories. Here are some facts about how much weight loss dance classes can bring you if you chose belly dancing:

  • You burn from 250 to 300 calories per hour.
  • It is fun, and once you are engaged, it is easy to continue doing it.



Types of Belly Dance


The best belly dance option for your weight loss dance classes is that with aerobic movements. Most folkloric belly dances are precisely aerobics. Here are some of the most vigorous workouts you will find:

  • Khaliji from the Persian Gulf
  • Lebanese Debke
  • Saidi Dance style
  • Turkish line Dance


All these are traditional belly dances that help as weight loss dance classes. They are good ways to stay engaged, get to know a new culture and acquire a new ability.



Types of Belly Dance Classes


To lose weight for real, you have to take the right course. Even with belly dance as your weight loss dance classes, each is different. Most academies have a trial class. Take it and look for the following:

  • Prefer classes that are continuous and non-stop movement.
  • Don’t go for classes where the selection of music has too many slow parts.
  • Look for instructors who explain while you are dancing.
  • Find a place with the most aerobic movements.


Some of these factors have to do more with the instructor than with the school. Look for recommendations on the best instructor. It will help you to get into a position that is engaged with weight loss dance classes. Even if they don’t announce it that way, you will have the best exercise. Whatever class you chose, practice at home so that you can continue your weight loss efforts.



Derivative Weight Loss Dance Classes


Did you know that Zumba is just a derivative weight loss dance classes? It takes movements from belly dance. However, it isolates them and transforms it into a workout routine. Some examples of belly dance movements replicated by Zumba are the hip drops.



Why Belly Dance?


By now you might be thinking that any other type of weight loss dance classes will burn as many calories as belly dance. There are even certain kinds of dancing that might burn a bit more calories. Then, they should be better than belly dancing.


The truth is that belly dance stimulates certain muscles. It works out precisely the kind of muscles that are usually steady: those in your stomach. When you wish to tone your belly muscles, there is no better way to do it than with belly dancing.


Most weight loss dance classes are excellent to notify your legs. They all are engaged with lower movements, but few help to take off the extra weight from where it is needed the most. Using belly dance as your weight loss dance classes, you will be exercising:

  • Your belly (of course).
  • Your hips.
  • Your breast.
  • Your ass.


The combination of this will give you an excellent shape plus a very good condition. The added benefit is the belly dance moves and the fun you will have while doing it.



Tips for Weight Loss Dance Classes


Whether you engage with belly dancing or another type of dance, here are some tips you can use so that you get the best results:

  • Participate in your weight loss dance classes for at least three times a week (assuming you get a 1-hour class).
  • Practice what you learn at your weight loss dance classes for at least three times a week. Use your favorite playlist, and don’t focus on technique, but on resistance.
  • Practice belly dance while you are doing other activities (for example, vacuum, washing dishes, or other).
  • Add a strength training or yoga to your weight loss dance classes once a week to complete your workout.


With this advice, you can expect to get rid of at least one pound per week. Make it constant, and you can go as far as you want. Just do it now.

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